Let's meet at ETAC Türk Evi on September 25, to sing and dance together with AYLAvyu Teacher to encourage your child’s interest in singing, playing basic instruments and dancing through community activity!

Your children will get a chance to sing songs with varied lyrics, rhythms, tempos and musical styles, and use basic musical instruments to create natural sounds.

Please click the button below to purchase your ticket to enter the event.

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail; info@etacusa.org

Can't wait to dance together!

Who is AYLAvyu Teacher?

AYLAvyu Teacher has been a Creative Drama Teacher for 15 years. She holds an undergraduate degree in BA of Performing Arts from İstanbul Bilgi University and graduated with a degree in Creative Drama Leader from Contemporary Drama Association.

She founded and operated her kindergarten called “Minik Dahiler” with her brothers for five years.

She has worked in Private Neş’e Erberk Education Schools since 2010 and also teaches drama activities within the communication for adults.

Her YouTube channel is known as AYLAvyu Öğretmen.

Certificates; Orff-Schulwerk; Orff Practices, Ministry of National Education; Sign Language, EDUCON; Music Practices with Montessori, Art Atelier; Dubbing Education