Let's Go Hiking to Celebrate Father's Day together!

Meet with us on June 19th, Sunday at 10 AM (PST) to celebrate Father's Day with hiking and a picnic at Crissy Field! The scheduled average hike time is between 10 AM and 11.30 AM (PST) and the picnic starts at 11.30 AM (PST).

More details about the location, hike trail, and program can be found below. We hope you can join us to share food, drinks, games for memories and refreshment.

Parking Location: There is ample parking available at East Beach and along Crissy Field including numerous accessible spots.

Length:   3.9 mi

Elevation gain:   32 ft

Route type:   Loop

Time to finish loop :   1h 8 m

Please click here for more details.

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