ETAC is building for the future by raising funds for these essential efforts:

  • Children’s Club – The Global Story Hour and activities, Library for all ages and other programs’ expansion & maintenance.
  • Turk Evleri in Santa Clara & Dublin – to upgrade/refurbish commensurate with current Covid requirements for reopening.
  • ETAC – Resource & Referral Hotline 1(925)999 INFO – [1(925)999-4636] Manning & maintenance.
  • TAPD(Turkish American Professionals Directory) – Outreach expansion.
"When I started my own business, discovering the ETAC-USA was like finding that golden road "less traveled by". My number one frustration in business was resisting the urge to do everything myself. Here I found mentorship about finance and operation. The professionals of the ETAC-USA understood my sources and were willing to show the way through the forest."

- Kader Ucar

Founder, Owner of Ana's Apron